How Much Does It Cost?


For all the dedicated journalers out there, guess what? This incredible tool comes with a price tag of… wait for it… FREE! Yes, you heard it right. No fees, no hidden costs—just pure journaling goodness. Our mission? To make this tool as accessible as a cup of coffee on a lazy Sunday morning. Because everyone deserves a chance to embark on their journaling journey without breaking the bank!

Here at My Mood MAPS, where we operate on a “donate-ware” model, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their financial situation, can access and utilize our platform. Here’s the scoop: if you’re able to make a contribution, we’d be immensely grateful, as it helps cover the operational costs of keeping the lights on. But hey, we get it—life happens, and sometimes the wallet needs a breather. If donating isn’t feasible for you right now, no worries at all. Your decision to use our tool means the world to us, and we’re genuinely thrilled to have you on board. Your well-being is our top priority, and we’re committed to ensuring that our service remains accessible to all, because everyone deserves a chance to navigate their journey toward better mental health. So go ahead, dive in, and let’s embark on this journey together!

Healthcare Providers

Are you a psychiatrist, therapist, counselor, or another behavioral health professional? Do you wish to have a means to monitor your clients’ progress between appointments and over an extended period? An account upgrade provides you with the capability for clients to connect with you, giving you access to the same chart they utilize. Opting for the Provider upgrade introduces a dashboard feature, allowing you to view charts for all your connected clients. Clients can efficiently locate you and provide access to their charts. You will have a tool that can help you prepare for your next session with your client.

Furthermore, journalers without existing assistance can view the names and affiliations of all available providers when granting access. This list is conveniently searchable by Name, TeleMed availability, Company, and Location, facilitating efficient searches. Clients without a current provider can easily identify professionals who are available. Our goal is to enhance user experience and simplify the process of finding suitable support on their journey to well-being.

After a 60-day trial where you can freely use our service without any upfront payment, professionals are asked to pay $200 per year (Save $40) or $20 per month for ongoing access. We believe the value our tool brings to your profession justifies this charge.

Small or charitable practices can reach out using the form at the bottom of the home page for potential fee discounts. Large companies with multiple providers can also contact us for possible group discounts. We prioritize your satisfaction and are committed to adjusting fees to accommodate different practice sizes and structures.